CLYW Borealis, Crucial Milk, OD Top Deck, YYJs and More!

Hello everyone - Happy Holidays!

I’ve decided to clear out some of my collection. Unfortunately, the majority of these throws get little to no play time from me at this point. There will be more to come, but this is my initial posting! Paypal is preferred. However, I am open to trade. Please include $5 for shipping unless multiple yo-yos are purchased, then we can work something out!

If you have any questions, want additional photos, or wish to negotiate the price, please send me a PM!

One Drop Top Deck - SOLD
The most recent run of One Drop’s Top Deck. Original packaging, bearing, and response included.

Born Crucial The Milk - $70
This second run was released in 2007 by the one and only 3A legend, Paul Yath. Original SPR response and bearing included. Fun throw and a must-have for any Delrin lovers.

Alchemy Silk - SOLD
Yes, indeed… another Delrin yo-yo. This bad boy was released in 2006 by proficient modder, Eric Wolff. Some of his creations were truly mind-blowing and this yo-yo was no exception. Includes original bearing and response.

HSpin Pyro - SOLD
The third release of the infamous Pyro. If you were around when this was first released, you remember how truly iconic this throw was. Sporting an updated axle and deep orange color. The Pyro offers a unique throwing experience with its heavy weight (70+ grams) and legendary shape. Original D Size bearing included.

CLYW Borealis 2 - SOLD
Sir Zachery Gormely’s signature yo-yo. Organic comfortable shape in hand and plays surprisingly fast for its profile. Sweet colorway - Unfortunately, the pictures don’t do it justice. Includes box and pin.

Yoyofactory G5 Elite - $95
Limited edition Yoyofactory G5 - Only 75 were made! It could use a good polish, but this bad boy still outperforms most throws released in its time. Includes original bearing and response.

C3yoyodesign Neo Master Galaxy - $40
Solid wide profile yo-yo with incredible spin time. Mint with box!

Radiyoactive Cyclotron - SOLD
RADIYOACTIVE, RADIYOACTIVEEEE!! Sorry, couldn’t help myself… that Imagine Dragon song was really catchy.
Produced by Kyle Weems, only 250 of these yo-yos were made. Beautiful copper color that glistens in the light. Relatively thin by today’s standards but is shockingly easy to use thanks to its generous catch area.

General-Yo Prestige 2022 - $55
Killer throw, great spin time, and a comfortable V shape profile. It can tackle any combo you throw at it. Comes with the original box, bearing, and response.

Tom Kuhn RD One 2003 - PENDING
Recreational Device One - A Tom Kuhn classic that includes its original bearing and “Turbo Disc” response. Interesting wooden yo-yo!

Below are a few throws that are more so for those looking to use the parts to work on their own creations! Some may be able to be revived but purchase at your own risk. Prices are negotiable!

(2) YoyoJam X-Convict - GONE
Blue X-Convict is in much better condition. However, they both have multiple cracks around the hub of the yo-yo. No side caps are included with Green X-Convict.

YoyoJam Mini Motu
If I was a proficient modder, this would be the yo-yo I would use in my next project. Does not come with a bearing and like the X-Convicts, has a number of cracks throughout the plastic. Man, this thing was fun to throw back in the day…

Buzz-on Element - GONE
No caps but in great condition. The SPR kit and metal rings are perfect for any modder. Or, if you want to be like Dana Bennet, with a little tuning this throw can be a 5a machine.

More to come!!


@TheSliverKing G5 Elite


I’ll take the pyro. dm me pay info.


Hey, I’m interested in the borealis. DM me with details

Bump bump bump - Pyro SOLD!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!

Silk & Radiyoactive - Pending

More to be added tomorrow!

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Radiyoactive and Silk - SOLD

One Drop Top Deck added to the original post. If would like additional photos or have any questions, feel free to reach out!

@james123213 :point_up_2:t3:still looking for Top Deck?

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I actually found one I’m on the hunt for a splash now lmao

X-Cons and Buzz-on Element - TRADED

Looking to add some more retro throws in the coming days!

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Morning y’all!

CLYW Borealis - SOLD

One Drop Top deck still available.

One Drop Top Deck - SOLD

Have a few old YYJs plastics I will be listing. If you are interested in a big ben, kickside, or speedmaker, feel free to shoot me a PM!

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