Close please!

(-Grumpyduskull-) #1

Looking to switch up my collection a bit.

Yoyobrothers Purpleyoyo Heritage, NMWB

Spinny Boiz

Mostly looking for a YYWS Capstan, OD Overture, CLYW Kayak. Definitely open to other offers though!

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(-Grumpyduskull-) #2

Bumpty wumpty diddly doo!

(-Grumpyduskull-) #3

Bumpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Mono is gone.

(-Grumpyduskull-) #4

Bump bump. Just wanting to trade out this YYB Heritage. Have the special purple string and certificates.

(Goodnight Garrett) #5

what color is the heritage

edit: nvm dumb question

(-Grumpyduskull-) #6



Colors that end in urple!!

Let’s continue…”Potpourri”; “Hot or Cold”; “What Ears Do”; “Is This A Hat” — that’s where I name an object, and you tell whether or not it’s a hat. And finally, “Colors That End In Urple”

(-Grumpyduskull-) #8

Can you please close/lock this? A deal’s been made.

(LJ) closed #9