Cleaning the bearing with acetone

I’m using acetone (still didn’t use it on the bearing yet) and I saw alot of cleaning vids out there but I wanna Know the right way that won’t damage my bearing
Is it to put the bearing in acetone inside a jar and shake it
Or put the bearing in acetone and leave it for 10-15 minutes and then let it dry??

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Kinda both, you have the right idea… shake it around, then make sure it gets dried out.

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But I’m using blue acetone it has a slight blue color will the color effect anything??

Ideally as pure acetone as possible. Additives can leave reside when drying. What do the ingredients say on the bottle?

It says
Acetone, Cl 42090, Cl 16185

Yeah, those are coloring additives


Probably fine, swirl it around then let it dry out and see how it works. Do the science, my man!

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Sure :smile: thnx a lot

Still relevant. :blush:


Do you have Acetone? or do you have nail polish remover that is acetone based? If its the latter, I would advise against it.

Swirl, dont shake. I dont let mine soak for more than a minute or two at most. Spin dry, compressed air works best but not needed. Don’t let it dry while sitting still, put it on your bearing tool or pencil, or chopstick or what ever you got and flick it and spin it over and over again till its fully dry and long spinning and smooth.


I do the same thing with my bearings. I use nail polish remover, but it is the 100% acetone with no other additives. I use a chopstick to spin them until they spin smooth.

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Came here to say this. Safety FIRST

Try not to get it on your bare skin, and avoid breathing the fumes


If your yoyo is polycarbonate plastic, don’t get acetone on it. Acetone dissolves polycarb.