Cleaning Out My Closet

Hey Guys,

I’ve stumbled upon some of my old yoyo’s cleaning out my closet and figured I’d throw them up on here to see what type of offers I could get considering I’m a broke college kid.

I’m going to put up a picture of all of them together collectively and if you have any questions about a particular one go ahead and fire some questions/offers at me and I’d be more than happy to send you some in depth photos of any particular one.

Been out of the game for awhile so I’m going to try and list what I have, please don’t knock me if I get the name wrong:
CLYW Goose Bay Gnarwhal
CLYW Abominable Snowman Sasquatch
YYF Northstar
CLYW Campfire
Mighty Flea
YYF Grind Machine 2.0
Duncan Throw Monkey



Hey! How much are you looking for that Red Campfire?

Pm’d! That Northstar is calling my name.

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