cleaning a bearing


what should I use to clean a Yomega Raider bearing?


It’s the same all across the board. Mineral spirits, lighter fluid, or acetone. Then put a little bit of thin lube. (It will be sort of responsive after you add lube, but you just have to break it in)


Also, does the Raider have a c-ring? I can’t seem to find one.


Any bearing that has a shield has a c ring. You need a needle. Then look very carefully around the edge and you’ll see a small black gap. You want to try and see which end is further up then get under that side with the need and it will pop out. I suggest putting your finger on the shield so that when it pops out it won’t fly away.


I’ve never been able to find the ring on those. Best bet is just to pry the shield out and throw it away.

Not really. Some don’t.


That’s probably true, I’ve just never seen one in my experiences.


Too late. I all ready broke the bearing.


Broke the bearing? Or the shield?


How did you break the bearing?

More info?


OK, if you have a hobby shop in town that sells RC cars or helicopters, head on over and buy a new bearing:
.156 x .312 x .125 in. (std)
4 x 8 x 3 mm (metric)


thanks. do any of you know how to get a bearing without c-rings off?


That was described recently.

It seemed rather violent. You have to be able to pull up a portion of the shield, then use pliers to yank it off/tear it out. I’m not sure if the shields are permanently attached, or were just made in a way where removal was a one-way process.