Classic Trick Remix - May 2022- Barrel Rolls / Atomic Bomb

Just in time! Here’s my remix for this month:


Haven’t forgot about this , just been super busy will make time for it tomorrow


Perfect!! Dont worry:)

Hello Everyone,

It has been a great time , I hope everyone had a good time participating in the contest .

Entries this month are

  1. Raindog3030
  2. Adamantiumpops
  3. Akyoyomike
  4. Christian8693
  5. Trycatchthrow
  6. Upmanyu
  7. Slar
  8. Mk.42
  9. LX_emergency
  10. Matordo
  11. L17sky

Random number generator picked number 3 @AKYOYOMIKE


Please send a message to @YoYoExpert with a CC to @AndreBoulay and they will hook you up with your prize.

Thanks to everyone who made this contest special. I want to do something new oon the forum soon . I was thinking maybe of putting together an official yoyo battle thread, I had a few ideas I was brainstorming so we will see if any of those ideas eventually take root.


This is awesome! Thank you!


Was this the last of these?

I was glad and proud to have been a part of these. There are still many tricks that I’d like to add, and plan on getting to.

I encourage everyone to dig through these and continue to use them as inspiration. Then post up what you come up with in the relevant thread.

Thanks, @Chriscatastrophe for picking up the mantel!


Yeah I did put it to rest was pretty busy and what not . Still want to work on a fun participation thread like this .