Citizen, AMS Tundra, Krown, Marquis


AMS Tundra #20(?) - two light flatspots, have everything it came with, $275
Citizen #73 - pinprick or two, have box n stuff, $300
Krown - few light scuffs, $50
Marquis - one pinprick, $30

Both Ti for $540
Krown and Marquis for $63

Wants: your $$, Grail, 36, dank G2 Swirls
PM for questions, offers, whatever. <3


So after pm’ing you and getting a response I ask for Paypal to pay. Your online an hour + later and never send and then when I ask for it again you log off. Keep em then. I doubt your legit anyway.




What color is the marquis?


Hey! It’s a long shot, I know. But would you entertain an offer of multiple CLYW’S as a trade for the Tundra? Either way, thanks for your time! :slight_smile:


Ooops, didn’t mean to post that on the board! My apologies. Lol

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