CHRISTMAS SALE! WTTF:HATRICK! onedrop,spyy,yyj,alchemy! price drop


hey to welcome the upcoming holiday season i have some goodies to sell!

mip purple legacy-20<–traded
dark magic red semi beater but darn smooth-25-20 or pgm stacked
dark magic special black anno, beater smooth-20-SOLD
15-20 white vulto brazilian strings
lots of highlights pink

wanna see what i can get for these:
alchemy cu and nimbus combo 132g!
chaz project 2 dings love it! ceramic kk bearing
spyy spyder superhero edition 2nicks freaking silent smooth!

hubstack kit
werrd; anno 4xl, pacquiao
ilyy;wasabi, falcon, mary, e1ns
general-yo hatrick

please add 5 for shipping
all offers will be looked at fairly:D


would you trade anything for a PGM besides the DM and legacy?


How much for the spyy spyder superhero edition?


How much for the P2?


sorry for the confusion but the chaz project is not a p2, the 2 was to state it has 2 dings


i want that spyder so bad but no money or stuff to trade unless you take non yoyo stuff!

(system) #9