Chilly Days: First Attempt at a Video

I made it all by myself! Please feel free to give some Constructive criticism and some tips. I messed up on the camera work and sliced my head in half

Inspiration, mainly, Wilson Ni and Tylor Mccaulomore

Take the s out of the “https” in your link… nice work btw.

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Thank you!

Not sure why it didn’t work… try copying the url and taking the s out again.

Some tips

If you have a windows or mircosoft operatig system they come with some sort of movie maker if you dont have wither one of those there are some good free ones you can download

Also story boardig helps which you did a good job with that oh an also i like!

Yeah, I just remembered I have Adobe… Something Pro! :smiley: My cousin that’s in the commercial business got it for us. I just haven’t used it in forever.

Good job on your first vid.

You had some really good tricks. I noticed some of them were a little choppy and they need some smoothing out but besides that everything was good.

Oh and don’t cut your head off next time :smiley:

Thank you!

It was mainly a trick dump of new stuff I learned

The chopping of the head was a tripod mishap

Yea tripod misshaps happen :smiley:

I feel as though your inspiration comes from a man that goes by the name of jenson kimmit great vud

You are correct in that assumption