Childhood Cancer Awareness


So I know this is a little late but this month was childhood cancer awareness month. I have a younger sister who has leukemia and I just thought it would be cool for YoYoExpert to be able to have the website turned gold(the color for it) for the rest of September. I know it’s kind of a stretch but I would be really thankful if YYE did that.



thank you. i havent known any children who has cancer, but its a good cause. its sucks to have cancer. like half my relatives died of it. i cant belive how hard it is when your a child, or even a teen.


I’m sure this is a possibility. They turned the site blue for Light It Up Blue for Autism, so the possibility exists to do such chances for other worthy causes. Just a matter of probably adjusting a CSS set or something like that.


Next time try to email yoyoexpert at the beginning of the month or even before. I know you just remembered but next year it will be much easier for Andre to be prepared for it.