Chief Colorways

Hey all!,

Could someone post a link, or pm me a link, to all of he Chief colorways? or tell me where I could find it? Im trying to do a project, and I need a pic of all the colors.

Thanks for any and all help!


I think you’re going to need to take this in bits and pieces. I’m slammed right now so I can’t help like I would(trust me, it IS too much of a hassle to take out my camera and snap a photo). All I can get is a photo of a 2nd run Northern Lights and a 4th Run Musket. A friend has the Northern Lights and I have the Musket. The Musket is essentially black. The Northern Lights is mostly dark, dark grey/almost black, with a hint of green swirl in just the right spots. It’s a very subtle but nice color combination.

I would do a search on the CLYW website. They have a blog that genearally posts pictures of the colorways as they come in. It might take some research - but they should all be there.