Cheap yoyos for sale. Must Sell. Low Prices.

Forgot Login info, so had to create a new account. ugh.

I’ll be honest here. I have more yoyos than I need and no PS4, so I need to sell some.

All sales are final, and no offers. PM with only an intention to buy that includes wanted item,shipping address, and request for payment email. Paypal Accepted and google wallet PREFERRED. Payment should be immediate.

General postage cost is $5 for USPS flat rate 2-3 day shipping. Same day handling and processing with same to next business day shipping with label and tracking upon received payment. All items shipped in box to avoid damage and packaged with plenty of bubble wrap/safe package materials.

Click images for larger view.

Here are the goods:

First Gen CLYW Arctic Circle: 85+5 = $90

Very good condition! All original parts. Only has a small scratch that doesn’t effect play. Comes with a new set of response pads. Includes box.

Red yoyojam eneme: 20 + 5 = $25

Long owned yoyo. Newly installed response pads and includes a set of unused pads. yyj 8-ball bearing. Multiple dings, pinpricks, and some scratchs, scuffs and flatspots. Basically moderatly beat. Yoyo has some vibe that was present from purchase. Includes box. Still plays fine.

Green OD Burnside: 45 + 5 = $ 50

Includes original box and styrofoam cube (woo). OD 10-ball bearing. Decently used response pads, and two sets of unused replacement OD pads. A few flatspots, one scuff, and one large ding.

Happy Shopping.