Chase Hadden?

There used to be a bunch of really cool chase Hadden Videos on the LSFC channel, but they were lost after the channel had everything deleted. Now I can’t find any of Chase’s old vids. He’s one of my favorite players, anybody have a link to where I can find them?

If they where all deleted most likely not.

Does he have a website or anyone affiliated with him?

I don’t think he has a website other than LSFC. I just was thinking about how most of jensen’s videos survived because of people downloading and re-uploading them, I just thought maybe a few of Chase’s videos may have made it as well.

He has some of his older videos on his old channel, but I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for:

Naw, he deleted them.

this magical place called youtube his channel is Mrchasehadden

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I wish I had the beat or video of that freestyle he did where he remixed Jr Walker and The All-Stars’ “What Does It Take”. It’s not in his soundcloud. I should have saved it when I had the chance. I really liked that one.

He’s looking for his old videos.

The videos on the channel are awesome though :smiley: