Changed it up - Duncan MG, Some Fixed Axle Yoyos, FHZ, more ...


Reducing my collection a bit more to make room for some more stuff I’ve got on the way. Prices include shipping to US destinations. Unfortunately, I can only ship to the US because my work schedule makes it impossible for me to get the USPS to fill out the custom forms. Feel free to make me an offer if my prices are too high.

2 Duncan Tournaments (1 mint, one has a small indention that did not chip the wood) and a Wooden Butterfly (mint) - these are the newer reproductions. $25 for all three shipped

4 mint YoYoJams - $30 shipped for all 4
The Kickside with black pogs is dual silicone recessed and the other is stock, the Journey and Lyn Fury are both siliconed and both have YYJ shims installed

The Duncan MG will come with the box and all the goodies – the counterweight set and the fancy pants KK bearing. This version of the MG has a matte finish that allows finger grinds and has a single side pad recess. It has little pinpricks all around from my wedding ring, and one of the caps has a minor crack around the edge that isn’t visible but that you can feel - not sure how it got there. How about $175 shipped?

Multi-colored Lovejoy – mint and has the multicolored axle. $50

Black coated Moxon – mint. $75

Sullivan in Purple Heart – near mint – just a couple little marks from my wedding ring; $40

TK Wood Rocks – I’ll just throw this in with the multi-colored Lovejoy or Moxon – whichever goes first.

SOLD Regular Lovejoy – smooth and thrown only a handful of times; it has some marks that I put on it with a magic marker to help me distinguish it from the other 6 Lovejoys I own, and to mark where the halves line up for the smoothest play. $20

J-Rod modified FHZ – painted pink and white, silicone recessed with the sticker lips removed; near mint and plays baller - $25

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