Ceramic bearings...


What I the best way to clean ceramics and keep them running a long life




If you have a good one just use pure acetone.


Acetone >:(


Depends on where it came from. I paper-slipped a ceramic bearing that had some sort of something in it… (came out black). The acetone by itself did not remove it. Sometimes you need that “scrubbing” that can’t be accomplished by liquid alone.

When in doubt, it’s never going to be a horrible idea to try the paper slip cleaning technique.


I know, I was playing.

Acetone >:(


Ok so this is we’re my noob comes out…but what is pale slip??


Paper slip?

Basically, it boils down to cutting weee little strips of paper that come to a point, folding in half (so you now have a thin little wedge) and inserting into the deshielded bearing between a few balls. You can “wrap” a little bit to cause pressure against the inside of the race, and then you slide around a bit. Take it out, replace with another slip, and resume where you left off.

You can do it for both the inner and outer race.

If you’re not getting ANY gunk out, the bearing didn’t need the paper slip technique after all. :wink:


Paper cleaning method for bearings found within the List of useful modification and maintenance guides


Never had to do this…


Well, not with YOUR bearings. But not all vendors are so good. :wink: I’ve had to do this on a few occasions. If the bearing comes from the vendor perfectly clean and dry, and you continue to run it dry, you’ll probably never have to do it.

Sometimes the “gunk” is added when the bearing is manufactured. Sometimes it could be built up over time in a lubed bearing.

Suffice it to say, someone discovered and shared the technique for a reason, and lots of people have used it to good effect.


Perhaps for the others, not the ones I do. . .


Pretty sure that’s what I said.