Cast your vote for your favored 1 throw

So I have never done a “Video Battle” before. So it was a new thing for me.

So pick between


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Y0Y0SR2PR0 cause it was longer and you kinda cheated with the stall/regen.

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:frowning: oh, idk it wasn’t allowed. this was my first time doing anything like this.
lesson learned.

From what I know, it is allowed unless stated otherwise in the rules.

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Is this a contest or what? Did you two just decide to put a poll and see who got a higher vote?

Not cheating. Besides, he had the same backhand stall regen. :wink: Length of combo doesn’t make a combo better anyhow!

That said… I vote Y0Y0SR2PR0. Yours was nice, too, though, Johnny!

thanks you man, and there was no rule against regens

Um… is this a forum thing or just between you two. Because I’ve never seen anything like this here.

Yup. We agreed 1 throw and that was it.

Basically a contest between Y0Y0SR2PR0 and I. We thought it would just be fun to have people vote for which they preferred :slight_smile: all for fun :slight_smile:

Thanks so much :slight_smile: I appreciate it. I liked Y0Y0SR2PR0’s as well. dude is amazing!!!

Both were dope but I have to say I think Johnny had a little mo flavor to his tricks. Bonus points for originality