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ok i need money for worlds so im doing cash only… thanks and enjoy… hopefully i can get more pics up soon but this is what i have for now… add 5$ to every order for shipping

good pics of canvas

canvas (grey) 100 y-factor (pink / purple) 50
custom superwide made at worlds last year (blue) 45 dont remember what the white one is called with gold ill go 10

and whats not in the picture i have for sale…
superstar blue w/ white splash gravitsky edition 70 blue b grade skyline with b grade stamp 45
flying panda orange kinda rusted 10 $

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For Sale
Yoyofactory Superstar Victor Gravitsky Edition $100- This yoyo is great plays smooth and stable yet it has one small ding and a couple of scratches to it but doesnt affect the yoyo play at all.

All of this could be yours for a simple price of $120

Skyline B-Grade
Yoyofactory Skyline B-Grade $40- This is a great yoyo but dont get the wrong idea being a B-Grade this yoyo is as smooth as butter, it just floats on the string. Being a B-grade it only has a anodized flaw to it small nicks on the rims but doesnt effect the play its stable, but doesnt come with hubstacks and is the A sized bearing edition.

All of this could be yours for a simple price of $120

Yo why do you still have the Canvas up?