Can't Kendama For More Than 10 Minutes

Hi! This is my second day of kendama’ing and I find that I can’t go more than 10 minutes while practicing. My back starts to hurt within 10 minutes, so I have to make a few minute break. The thing is though is that I’m not bending my legs yet, because I am just working on the spike. I’m only like 1 pound overweight, so weight I don’t think is an issue. Is this pain from correcting my posture after years of not standing like I should without me knowing? Is this safe, or is this bad? Will my back become more used to this, or is this simply going to happen forever?

Bend your knees so much while your learning here that it feels silly

After a while youll just start doing it only when you need to

But starting out never bend over w/ your back

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Double bass is correct. It feels ridiculous at first anyways but it’s necessary and becomes natral over time.

I for one never really understood how some yoyoers getting into kendama absolutely refuse to bend their knees. They’re not making playing with a piece of wood any “cooler” by making everything harder on themselves. Bust those squats.

Digressing, your issue might be in not bending your knees, or it could be that you are holding your head above the kendama, looking over it during play. Craning your neck like this could lead to some upper back pain. Try keeping your back comfortable and kendama more “in front” of you rather than “under” you.

OK first, I NEVER thought of myself as cool by just yoyoing or kendaming, or any reason at all. Second off, I just don’t bend my knees YET because I am just working on spiking it, and just don’t think that bending my knees while spiking is that necessary, but that’s just for spiking. Every other trick I am going to bend my knees. Third, I would never try to make kendamaing harsher on myself, that would just be stupid because it is already difficult as is.

“Disgressing”, it also still hurts when I bend my knees. Whether I do it or not, it is still kind of painful. Will my body just eventually just get used to it and won’t hurt, or…?

I’m not talking about you, it’s just something I mentioned! Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Haha! Sorry about that then. No problem.

Lol ive experienced that at one time you have to break your legs in stretch and your get less pain from pulling muscles somehow

Spiking is one of the hardest tricks. Bending your knees couldn’t be more necessary. Bending the knees give the effect of less gravity, and the kendama falls to the ground faster than it falls away from you if you are also falling with it. You need this slow speed to pull up the ball, get your act together, and put the spike in the hole.

For the advanced kids, they bend their knees like crazy. Think about it, they pull up the ball, spin the handle 50 times, do an orbit or twelve, check their Facebook, read a novel, and then line up the spike to catch it.

Hey, you’ll eventually be good at kendama, and you’ll be ripped from all those kendama squats. It’s a win win!

Lol awsome ;D

I thought I was the only one lol. I have been kendamaing for like two years and lately I have been getting really bad back pain. Like I had trouble walking.

I’ve never had back problems while kendama. Must have just been natural for me to bend my knees :stuck_out_tongue:

You will be amazed at the strenth that develops in your legs from “kendama squats”. The more dailyp ractice you put into it, the more endurance you will aquire; eventually the pains will go away :wink:

That was a pretty funny post he he. I think I’m going to give up on kendamaing for a little while, I’ll get back into it in the middle of wrestling season when I’ve got some exercise or something.

HILARIOUS!!! It’s all too true. The forums need more posts like this!