candyrain help

I need help learning this trick.
All of it, a tutorial would be appreciated.

You can use this tutorial

But I think the instructions on Sector Y are nice

Any particular spot you need help with?

I have seen a version where it starts in Double or Nothing.
Sector Y starts with a magic drop.
is there a difference?

It starts with a Magic Drop. That’s the correct way.

The one that starts from double or nothing is Superflow I think.

Candy Rain is the first of the “flow” type of tricks I have seen.

But the official candy rain starts with a magic drop.

It might be good to learn that as well as kamikaze before learning this cause a few elements are in candy rain.

Good luck on learning it!

You can do it!


step one for me: get new yo-yo.
step two: learn the magic drop flow opining part.
step three: finish learning the trick.
so far I have the part from the houndini mount thingy done.
not up to it but that sespific part of it I have.

Keep at it! Its a really fun trick :slight_smile: