Can I get a moment of silence for "Shoot the Moon"

Reading Josh’s post about old school and new school brought back some sad memories. If anyone remembers’ Shoot the Moon, give a shout out now. By far one of the coolest ways to transfer from trick to trick. Loop out high from any trick, and pop into Shoot the Moon, then to regen, and right on to your next trick.

Shoot the Moon, you’ll be dearly missed by all us Old Timers. :’(

I haven’t heard that term for years, I really loved the old school it brings back good memories from my youth. I could never do it though OH well back to 1A. :wink:

um. that trick’s alive and well, dude!
it’s on the 2a ladder.
looping’s just not the flavor of the month.

I love Shoot the moon, It is like Defing Gravity. I like to do that trick lying down.

well, I remember trying to get this trick for about 10 months before I knew of New School.
(all I had was a book. a book that was written with Thad Winzenz. A.K.A. Prima’s YoYo Book: From Beginner To Spinner.)
then I finally got to go on the internet and I changed.

Yeah, 2A, just not the same as throwing it into a 1A freestyle. Poppin out of a trick to shoot the moon, then regen. Man you never had to catch the yoyo. Made for awesome routines. Yep, Chris I remember the laying down thing. The crowd seemed to go nuts, like they couldn’t believe it was possible. Funny actually. I missed it so much, I took one of my modded Saber Raiders to work today, and did some OldSchool freestyles. I wish there was a happy medium between “Responsive, and Unresponsive” play. Oh well, as stated before, back to New School 1A.

We still teach it.  :wink:

:slight_smile: Very cool Andre. If there was just a way to do it with an Unresponsive yoyo. lol. I can just imagine trying it with a DM or something lol. Unless you can get it to go with only partial string wrapped up. Do you think that’d work?

Ah man, I love that trick, the feeling of doing a responsive combo into another from the moon.

So cool.

I sometimes go around with one of my old Stealth raiders and just throw old stuff.

I sometimes do shows using lots of old school stuff.
Pretty fun.

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if ever we meet, i’ll teach you my (which is actually jack ringca’s) unresponsive 1a shoot the moon.
which is the 7th coolest trick of all time. no you may not know the other 6.

I mastered 2 handed shoot the moon about a month ago.
1A is my focus, but 2A is my other strong side.