CalStates Vendors?

OK guys. So I went to CalStates and visited the Vendor right next to YoYoExpert. They were selling two yoyos. One was a light color that may or may not have been a Cupcake. I checked out the other one and fell in love with it. :smiley: The guy said it was $60. The problem is that I don’t know what yoyo it is. Help please?

The picture of this yoyo is linked here. I’m looking to know what the green yoyo is.

Edit 2
Found out the it’s a Cupcake by further examination. I would get it but color matters a lot to me and they have the Silver color sold out. The yoyo on the left is actually a dulce!

Crucial dulce.

You better “smile” (see what i did there)because its probably a dulce de leche! I belive that was a b grade if im not mistaken.

“Smile” as in a reference to MLP? Haha I don’t really get it.