Hey guys, I was wondering when Calstates 2012 was? Will it be in March at Sac like The past 2 years?
Ernie Told me at Nationals that it was going to be in January… I just wanted to clarify it.


Sup Keiran, haha, I didn’t know you had a forum account. XD I heard nothing about this.

The person to ask is Chris Allen. I assume it will be in March, because it’s been like that for the past two years and it seems like it will be a tradition. Don’t take my word for it though, as that is a speculation. Knowing my luck, it will be on the same day as my science contest… again…

Last i heard chris said that it may be happening earlier than that so i dont think its going to happen in march this year…

Then I better hurry up and contact him so I can have a shot at providing true professional sound at this event. It’s only like 12 miles from my house.