Calling Australian YoYo'ers

Hi Im wondering if there is anyone that yoyos in NSW preferebly the St George area. The reason i ask is becouse im stuck on some tricks and I think it would be better if i learnt some of these tricks face to face. I rekon it would be so much more fun and quicker learning from someone rather then from video’s.

So if you live in NSW dont be shy to say something ide appreciate it if you do.



come on guys make yourself heard

Hey! I’m an NSW Australian too!
I’m left handed, and i don’t live near St George…

There are quite a few throwers from down there (excluding me). Don’t think any of them frequent the forums though. If you can get up to Sydney, we usually do a meet on the last Sunday of every month in Hyde Park.


im from WA…harvey, perth.

do you guys know any yoyoes near here.?!