Calendar not working?

Is the calendar not working? Every time I click it, it says “An Error Has Occurred! Invalid year value.”

Yes, that seems to be the case.

Woah, there’s a calendar.

I get that error on other Simple Machines Forums too so it isn’t a localized problem. It’s a “I didn’t think the calendar would need to go all the way up to 2011” sort of problem. It may be fixed in future updates, but it isn’t a huge priority since no one really even used it.

Well how are we supposed to know what day it is if we don’t use it? ???

The default max year value is set to 2010 in this version. Somebody needs to edit that setting.

I never realized that it was there…

facepalm since when was there a calender, I feel like a silly goose. now I dont know what day it is! I guess I’ll ask youtube what day it is
Me: youtube whats the day
Youtube: Friday! Friday! gotta get down on Friday!

Yes todays friday!
*Doesn’t come to school the next day and gets detention

I use the calendar to see when people’s birthdays are…And to see who’s birthday was the same as mine (March 28th) like Ed, Apetrunk and Brandon Jackson…

I’ll look into that.

Done. ;D