Cal State Roll Call!

Who is going and/or competing? I will be in attendance as well as competing.


I will be going as long as my manager gives me the time off. so far, she has not brought it up, so I think I am good to go! =)

Definitely going. Signed up for 1a freestyles awhile ago. I’m totally excited to go.

Obviously cant :stuck_out_tongue:

But i will await the Aegyo video (if they go) and freestyle videos to surface


I’m going and competing

I will be there and serving as head judge.

I’ll be there and competeing

I’ll be there

That’s really cool.

I am not going, being that I live in the SouthEast. However, I will be enjoying watching the videos. I also have the Fantasy Yoyo League stuff set up and ready to go for those who are registered.