C3yoyodesign X Yoyostore Rewind Video Contest 2013- Owen Ekblad

(Owen) #1

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Thanks so much to Chase Baxter for filming and editing this, and please tell me what you think guys! These arent my best tricks, as 5a isnt my main style, but im using those for the Surge video contest so ya better watch out :wink:

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Really well done, both Owen and Chase! Superb filming and editing, combined with Owen’s great tricks and obvious good sense of fun… very entertaining.

(Owen) #3

Thanks so much Greg! means a lot :smiley:


Awesome! You going to Worlds?


You’re doing the Surge contest? Well, there goes my shot at first place…:smile:
Anyways, that was a great video! I’d say it’s your best yet.

(Owen) #6

Nah :confused:

And thanks string king :slight_smile:


Great video! Awesome tricks and editing. Good job! :smiley:

(Owen) #8

Thanx Axle :smiley:


Nicely done! Great filming, editing, and of course, tricks! :slight_smile:


Awesome as always :slight_smile:

(Owen) #11

Why thank you (only to the tricks though, because Chase Baxter filmed and edited. HE DA MAN)

(Chase Baxter) #12


(Owen) #13

ikr the guy who edited it was prolly a dumb guy


That was fantastic…

(Owen) #15

Your face is fantastic