C3 YoYo Design-Trident

Please Leave Comments or reviews if you have owned or used this yoyo.

I have one! Best yoyo ever! Review coming soon!

I can tell you this I just bought one yesterday from here (YYE). And I Love it .It is super smooth and stable and the weight is all in the rims which keeps it so . The Trident is fast becoming a favorite of mine .Colors are outstanding and I am not a big fan of Laser etchings but on the Trident they seem to work well. It is not a cheap throw by any means I know shelling out this kind of cash for a throw can make you nervous, But it is my second day with the trident and I replaced its Center Trac bearing with a Terrapin Ceramic and am looking foward to another day with this Top Shelf Trident .So be assured if you are a fan this type of shape you may rest easy when shelling out the cash for the Trident .Poseidon knows what weapon to have in his arsenal. Best James