C3 yoyo design halo


Is the C3 yoyo design Halo good? ??? ;D

Plz awnser.


I absolutely love mine.


Here’s my video review and detailed notes. Hope it helps

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What about the C3 di base?
Is that better? ??? :smiley: ;D


The Halo is from what i’ve heard more stable. Plus its plastic, so you wont worry about dinging it up as much


One of the best plastics out there, for sure. It’s buckets of fun. I’d play the Halo over the Di Base any day.


The halo is probably my favorite plastic. Though I don’t own many plastics.

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The Halo is brilliant if you like larger throws. The clean white delrin doesn’t look too bad either.



I like the Halo a lot, but I don’t play it as much because I like the Sceptre better.