C3 Capsule: A High Speed YoYo Review

I am a big fan of trying new things. In fact, if I can choose between the unknown and an established yo-yo brand, I’ll most likely pick the unknown. I am the same way with prototypes; I just love the thrill and excitement of finding that diamond in the rough. It should come as no surprise that when start up company C3 announced the Capsule I sat up and took notice. This is the first yo-yo designed by Walter Wong, Simpson Wong, and Ron Chan, it is also the first high end yo-yo designed and manufactured totally in Hong Kong. The Capsule has way too many firsts for me not to try it. Let’s see if it can compete in this competitive market or if this was a diamond better left buried.

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great review you included a lot of details

keep up the good work

FINALLY. A review for this yoyo!