Buying Nice Metal Yoyos? [Boughten]

Alright so I got 38.75 $$ on paypal.
Im looking for a nice metal that dosent have any dings or scratches[PS If it is a tiny one i can make a exception]
Like a Hectic , Dv888 / 888 , Hatrick / etc.
Something that plays very nice.
so simply just put the yoyo you want me to buy and the price and if you have MSN please leave it and I will contact you ASAP!

Bump :open_mouth:


this wasnt once a day.
It was just not past 24 hours.
I wrote this yesterday
and i bumped it the next day in the morning…???

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im gonna lock this topic so people dont critisize my bump
IT says PM and then AM .
Which is what i meant
I wrote it last night and i bumped it the next Afternoon when i woke up
IF you wuold like to sell me a yoyo
PM me the yoyo :slight_smile:
And we will talk Thank you!

Bought a 888 at YYN Sorry not interested anymore!
Thank you for all your PM’s!