Bunch of large bearing FHCs for trade

trades only

Well, I’ve acquired a bunch of modding screw ups on zeros, from my more former modding days, and just people giivng me random stuff…making them large bearing completely fixes the modding woes…

I got a bunch I’m willing to trade off relatively cheap, but any money offers for them I will ignore completely, if you want to buy a large bearing FHC, keep your eyes on the YYN store in the coming weeks…

Anyways, I have

Transulcent blues
Opaque greens
Opaque blues
Opaque reds

I also have a tons of caps, if you wanna play around with color combs or something, I can do that, I can also dye the trans blue ones to color darker then blue, so if you want something like that.

I’m looking for a lot of stuff,
Cheap metals
B grades
YYF 44
Anyhting interesting really
Willing to trade big for interesting stuff…