Building a 1w laser?

Me and my 82 year old neighbor want to build a 1w laser, anyone else do this?

1w is really strong for a laser, I’d definitely advise wearing glasses…

Yes, I like my eyes.


There is a company in China called “Wicked Lasers” that have 1W lasers for sale in the shape of a Star Wars light Sabre. I own both the Green & Blue model and will tell you that it’s NOT a toy.
I can assure you that with just the slightest amount of refracted light going into your eye, will cost you your retina.

Use your goggles for sure. It’s so easy to shine it on something that will reflect it back on you.
Treat it like you would a gun.

Good Luck, they are a real hoot for sure.


Can you be more specific, or are you just starting to realize you got in over your head?

Nah, just a bump basically. I tried this tut:

Can you trouble shoot the individual components from the tutorial? I would start there and then post what part you need help with.

A laser forum would probably have much more help available, but the component check will be what they need to help you too probably.

Mostly where to buy the stuff. Like the regulator, and anything that is not on ebay.
I have this picked out already:

You do know you can like take over the world with a 1w laser right?


You could burn someone with a 1W laser.

You blind them with the laser, then burn the with the flashlight.

You are one scary 12 year old.

Lol, I’m 14.

You are one scary 14 year old.

1 question logi…