BST! xxsanezxx new bst lot of new great stuff INSIDE! go look added 2 g5's

this is my new bst thread b4 we start, lets go over a few things i really just want cash$, but ill consider any trades are cash offes so feel free to make an offer. dont get mad if i say no its nothing personal if i say no, its just that in not interested in what you have. but i feel my prices are fair, but if you dont go ahead and offer. heres what i have-----------a blue and silver rim sky line plays real good and i love it asking price 75$.----a lime green north star asking price 30$====a black dv888 asking price 35$-------a dark magic 2 no caps asking price 35$-------a speed dial possible deal sweetner-------grind machine red and white and i put blue on it but the blues almost worn off asking price 25$-------i have 2 888 ones new ones rims are really beat but it still plays great asking for the beat one 45$ for the new one 80$--------i have a team addition dna probably not selling unlesss i get a great offer--------i have a singularity asking price 75$----------i have to red g5’s there both pretty nice a little scratched but really nice and play really good and have z stacks also one has some black spots all over it not sure why but i like the way it looks i might keep it. its the one on bottom in the pics asking price 55$--------- and a red yyf one deal sweetner if you want more pic are more info on a specific one just message me your email are num and ill text it to you my num is 4784146500 so if you have any questions are just want to make an offer let me know thx

These look awesome

12:00 am bump yeah!!! Plus make me offers thnx :slight_smile: :wink: :blush:

G5 with rainbow z stacks sold