BST: TITANIUM AURORA!!! Punchline, Oxy, Dang, GM2, CLYW, Project 2, Anti-Yo +++

C3 Master Galaxy
Winning Bird
x3 Stampede
X3 Steam Roller
Wet Whistle
Evil Yo
Chief or Canvas (who doesn’t want one?)
MVP- Black and gold or Cherry Edition
Spyy Revenger
Spyy Pro
Spyy Supra
Spyy Flying V
Spyy Ronin
Severe '09 w/ caps-mint or near mint
Mint Anti-yo Busine$$
OD Burnside
Wedgie- Mint
Battosai- Special edition or colorway- mint
Super G
C13-Black and Gold (or others)
BA Hatrick
Torrent II
Limited Edition Project 2’s
Jazz-Yo Regulus
Chico Heavy Hitter
St. Eel
Yuuksta- Cool color like Yoga Flame
Anything Yoyo Recreation or Turning Point


I also have the following for sale or trade.

EBAY Link with PICS and descriptions:

Northern Spin Titanium Aurora!- Only 68 ever made.  Really awesome, stable throw.  Great sound while being thrown. Has thin scratches on the rims from being sparked,but really doesn’t look bad and could possibly be polished out. Still plays super smooth. Light blue color. Looking to trade mainly for a Peak, Chief or something from YoyoRecreation.  Cost $200 new, I would say it’s worth at least $120. Lots of great offers, but still available!!!~Pending a trade for a Clashcube  :slight_smile:

Mint in box green YYF Grind Machine 2! -LIke new in the box with the original “Dorothy” bearing. Confirmed this is a rare 1st run! $90 firm or trade.

Spyy Punchline- Light blue with yellow splash! First run! Couple very light scuffs. Super smooth and a favorite of many people!! $80

Anti-Yo Busine$$- All purple with engravings on both sides.  Smooth but not mint, has marks.  Really great throw. $50

One Drop Project 2- First run soda blasted, clear coated.  Has the old triangle hub.  MINT!! Collectors!-$90

3YO3 Omnicron X- MINT with tin and signed paper.  Truly amazing player, highly underrated just like the infamous Bassline. $75

Hspin OG Pyro- One of the best looking throws, love the laser engraved flames! Comes with tube, few pinpricks/marks, but otherwise in excellent shape. Pending

Chico Del Toro- Mint condition.  One of the best ano’s I’ve seen. Very bright, bold purple.  Not sure I want to get rid of this.  Very fast playing undersize.  High quality.  Grinds like a GenYo. $75

Oxygene 5- Legendary and very hard to find.  Mint, dark red. Includes velvet pouch and extra gaskets. Oxy smooth as only Oxy is.  Best offer over $120.

Hspin Cut- MIB Mint, Gold.  One of the fastest and best playing throws.  A true performer that is really cool looking as well. $75

One Drop Nickel Dang- MIB, new.  Just bought it.  Awesome throw, very similar to the Code 1, really only looking to sell. $120

Big Brother Juvenile Offender
- Half red, half silver.  A beastly player that is super stable and has a great grinding finish. Near mint, one tiny pinprick. $75

CLYW Rockabully Sasquatch- Near mint, one flatspot on inner rim.  Some “clyw” vibe.  Looks great in person, much better than the pics- $95

CLYW Ogopogo BvM- Has a good amount of marks on the rims, but still plays great with only a little vibe.  I really like the BvM, one of my favorites. $65

Bearings for Sale!! Desheilded and cleaned ultrasonically.  Your choice of dry or lightly lubed with VM4.  Like new or new condition!!

Standard 8-balls from various makers- $3.50 shipped, or $2.50 with yoyo purchase or trade. 7 available

One Drop 10-ball bearings- $5 each- 3 available

Konkave- Some are real, some are Chinese, but I can’t tell the difference because they play the same. $6 each. 5 available

Premium Aluminum Case- Professional, holds 15, very thin and sleek- $40 Pending a trade…