BST // FS: FG Canvas PENDING, Dual Tone Burnside

Hi there :slight_smile:
So I have a couple yoyo’s that i’d like to sell. Feel free to take a look, and If you like what you see, offer:) If the price is too high, maybe we can work something out. i’m flexible. For sale only right now! not really looking for trades. Sorry! I’d like to stick to US right now for shipping. If you’re in Canada I can probably work something out. Otherwise no international shipping. $195 takes them both:) thanks!

~Canvas. Fools gold. Got this from Chris too:) Very smooth. one hairline scratch. black with purple acid wash inside the cup, engraved with the pick axe logo on both halves. it’s fools gold because there’s a little bump on the hub wich doesn’t affect play. smooth:) No box :frowning: Sorry! $120 shipped:)

~One Drop Burnside. MIB. Half yellow half blue. Got it from David and Shawn. So smooth! great competition throw! not gonna get a dual tone anywhere else (unless you swap halves, lol.) $80 shipped.

So that’s it for now!
Thanks for looking!
Happy throwing:)

bump :slight_smile: canvas pending!

Will you ever ship internationally?

Well… how much would it cost to ship to me? Then I can think about it :slight_smile:

BUMP! for sale only for now. Thanks:)

Willing to trade for burn side ask for any yoyo I have a pretty good collection