Bridge Jumper (1A Trick/Repeater)


[i](PLEASE NOTE: This video is just a teaser.  I will be filming tutorial footage in the coming weeks (from multiple angles), and as soon as I edit/upload it, I will be replacing the teaser with the full tutorial.)


man that tricks rocks ^^


Very cool, John!


Thanks! At first I didn’t really think much of the trick, to be honest. It was just something I came up with while messing around. But after showing it off at Ohio States, and getting a lot of positive feedback about it, I realized that the trick is a lot more impressive than I originally thought. ;D


This tricks started out with a 1.5 mount ?? man, i gotta practice that


It’s almost a 1.5. I just mount it over my wrist, instead of how you would for a regular 1.5.

I will be breaking it down step by step and film it all from multiple angles in the next couple of weeks. I will also show some variations on the repeater, as well as a way to whip directly into the mount. I probably won’t be getting around to editing the video until I get back from vacation though.