Brad Moss: Teaser

This is a teaser of an upcoming video I will be making that my friend Toby will be shooting (so it will be higher quality video)

Can’t wait for the whole thing.

Looks like it’s gonna be a thriller! :smiley:

I would recommend getting a little closer to the camera. It was sometimes hard to see the string and tricks.

yeah… a little closer, but keep the long distance shots cause they look good.
seriously, finish that soon, cant wait to see the whole thing.

Good video, can’t wait for the full version. ;D
What I was thinking of the entire time:

Yeah, i plan to get closer shots,like i said, this is just a teaser.

Great video. Especially for just a teaser! I like the music choice for the video, goes with the video. When you shoot the video, make sure that the string is more visible, so we can see it better. :wink:

yah, me too lol. too bad snoopy wasn’t a yoyoer. He would of been good due to his amazing ability to became beastly at anything he chooses in 5 seconds… lol.