Boss or Bully?

Hey guess im planning on getting a boss or bully but im not sure which one to get. What do you guys think?

If you want a big yoyo, get the Bully.
If you want a small yoyo, go for a BOSS.

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what samad said. personally i would get a bully (well i have a bully ;)) because i like big heavy yoyos, although i do want to give the boss another try just because i love the shape.

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it depends on if you like big or small yoyos. i have a bully and love it. its smooth and plays very well.

I’d say Bully. I think the boss is an excellent yoyo though.
The size isn’t that much different. Maybe 3 mm bigger for the Bully.

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I would get the Boss because I like small yoyos but the Bully is an awesome player to so it all depends on preference. :slight_smile: