Bob Bowden

Not sure how many of you here know of Bob Bowden. He’s an old school yoyoer. He wrote a book called “Awesome Yoyo Tricks”. He posts now and then on one of the other boards as “Bob”. Funny hehh???

Anyway, my purpose in posting this is just to let people that know him know that he’s had some health problems of late. Stop by that other board and drop him a line to wish him well.

Website: Bob’s Land O’Yo
(some links outdated)


how can I register on his board? when I click “register” it takes me to another page but no fields to fill whatsoever.

There’s nothing there you need to register to see. I don’t know that it’s worked since I first went there. As I noted many of the links are old/dead.

no but I need to register to write on his forum

There is a different place to write. I sent you a PM.

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