(LordCanti) #1

Okay, so when I was on vacation a while back someone told me about this game called “Blue”. It’s basically a game where a person asks the color of an object and the other person answers sounds easy right? WRONG!!!

Lets begin…

What color is a stop sign?


Blue. Am I supposed to ask a question?

(LordCanti) #3

No. If you understand the game.

What color is a lemon?




What color is a cotton ball?



What is the color of air?


Air colored :smiley:

What color does a blind man see?


black. They don’t see anything, therefore they don’t see any color, and black is absence of color.

What color is a rain cloud?


Blind people don’t see anything, it’s like asking “what colour does my elbow see?”.


I realize this. I gave the best answer possible due to the fact that the game needed to continue somehow.


You could have said any colour and still have been right.



What color is one of the narrow piano keys?



OG Pyro


no (I voted no, but i still get it…get it?)

(LordCanti) #15

You get the game! ;D


I told him lol


Do I get it too? (I played this at hockey camp a few years ago).

(LordCanti) #18

sigh I thought someone had finally figured it out. :’(

Oh well, the game is meant to be shared! :smiley:

Everyone must have been SOOOOO mad by the end. XD


I don’t get it…


You lose.

Will anyone else understand this game?