Blue Dang with ultra-lights and blue domes S.E.'s + crucial bearing 2.0

I have a Blue Dang with two sets of Side Effects. Can ship with a new crucial 2.0 bearing. It has slight dings on one spot on one half, otherwise in excellent condition and dead smooth.

Pics are coming very soon.

I want:
Money (via PayPal) - Make a reasonable offer. Let’s start at $55 shipped, $5 extra for the crucial bearing.
SPYY Supra
Will add cash for a decent Canvas
Code 2
Burnside + Cash
That’s about it… you’re welcome to offer anything though.


Can’t wait to see the pics!

Bump. Also, to let everybody know: I have 18+ feedback at YYN and plenty of people who will vouch for me, including a major yoyo manufacturer. Buy/trade with confidence with me.

do you have the pics?