BLC, IYYO, and WORLDS Community Tweets

If you are at BLC right now, and have a Twitter enabled phone, then Tweet updates using keyword #BLCyoyo or BLCyoyo and it will immediately be feed for everyone to see.
The Feeds will be captured and posted on in a stickied feed column. Alternatively, you can skip YoYoSkills and just use Twitter Search.
I also plan to do this for IYYO and Worlds.
Yes, I know that a live video feed of the contests will be streamed online, but the Camera only catches so much. if YOU are there, and YOU have an update, picture, or cool thing to mention, Tweet it. If you are watching, or just want to comment, Tweet it.
The key words for the next three weeks are:

BLC CONTEST = #blcyoyo
Worlds = #WYYC