Black Spots

I’ve got a regular hitman with metal rims, and decided to take the side caps off. After taking them off, I discovered these little black spots all over the metal. Do you guys know of any way to remove these? I’ve tried nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, and bathroom cleaner. Here’s some pics:

Thanks for the help, guys!

Go to Walmart and get some Mother’s aluminum polish. It works great.

I also have those. What are they?

Same with my X-Convict.

I think they are just rusted spots in the metal. You should be able to remove them with aluminum polish.

Lol Aluminium doesn’t rust, it’s just tarnish or dirt. The caps have probably been there forever, and dirt just got stuck in there.

Just use aluminium polish.

Yeah. I don’t mind it being there but it was there when I got mine new. Oh well.

Thanks a lot, guys. The aluminium polish should work great.