"Black Park" yoyo video

Hi, so well, I’m not that good of a player but I’m trying to do vids and get better at them, so here’s my latest

Is that a marmot?

wooly markmont, actually

CLYW marmot with ODYY markmont.next nuts and nickel plating

That was one epic video!

Great job. Keep up the good work!\

Nice stuff.

What camera do you use?

Really cool, enjoyed that a lot.

thank you, it’s really encouraging and appreciated

I’m using a canon legria HFM306 which seems like a decent, fairly priced HD camcorder. I shot this one with fast shutter speed

Nice video good editing and pretty good tricks :slight_smile:

thanks, not quite sure about the tricks, there’s one good that’s “maple syrup” I got off a tutorial vid from ryan gee and well, I’m trying to do stuff of my own, there are a few ones that I’m working on and that I don’t show on the video that start to look like “real” 5A ^^

but all in all, I’m glad you guys like the vid ^^

that vid was great. one thing that I noticed that might help a bit with your 5a is that you often do a 1a mounts like double or nothing. I would suggest on working on the 5a mount equivalent. they are easy to learn and add an extra flourish to the start of any trick.

sure thing, I’m actually working on them already, just I’m not gonna show them until I’m happy with em.

but I “unlocked” something the day after filming that vid and I started to work on some more “5A” combo, I need to polish it up a little and I’ll put it on film

but yes, you’re right, I have to make my throwing look more “5Aish”