black/gold rims Dark Magic 2 NMIB CHEAP! MUST SELL!

I need money in my paypal fast. I will sale this practically new, thrown for about 15-20 mins with everything it came with Dark Magic 2 for $35 plus a few bucks for shipping. I only doing this b/c I really need money fast. It has to be paypal also. That way you are protected. Paypal will not release the money until you get the yoyo. I just at least need it to be pending in my account.

What’s up, I bought this DM 2 on Christmas eve from this website. No vibe and very smooth. If you’ve never thrown one, it really is worth it just to see how good it really does play and to see that all the hype on this yoyo isn’t just hype, I guarantee this yoyo plays better than you imagine it plays. 2 or 3 marks the size of dust specs from leaving my wedding ring on. I’ve thrown it for a total of like 20 mins. over carpet and never outside. I like delrin and metals with hubstacks,zstacks, any kind of stack. I can add a little money if need. Just let me know what you have to trade, it doesn’t have to be any certain thing. I can sale it but it would be for wahat I paid for it or a little less so a trade would be the best bet. Comes with everything I got it with. Thanks


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still have this yo-yo available? If so, I would love to take it off your hands. ::slight_smile: