**BLACK FRIDAY** FS- Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet 2, Vosun Eztrik


Vosun Eztrik- great player, only thrown once, but decided that I need to sell stuff. Mint.

Retails for 60, so I’ll sell for 35 25.


G2 Aftershock- Deep Woods colorway, great yoyo, mint. Comes with wooden G2 Stand.

75 dollars.[/s][/s]


Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet 2- purple/blue fade with white splash, box opened for picture, never used the yoyo.

Retails for 100 but not a lot of people are interested so I’ll sell for 45 40.

Open to offers and negotiation ;D

aftershock gone

Sent a PM :wink:

Thought I did this already, but hey… maybe my brain isn’t working. Edit: Oops. Now I see why it not longer exists. My bad.