Black c13 with Grey splash ...


I’m just asking what can you trade for a black c13 with grey splash
Just asking

Remember it’s not going to be produced… i think :smiley:


Well, considering it was produced, I think it was produced. It’s probably the only run, but it still was a production run.




In ten minutes … :stuck_out_tongue:


i would trade my auqa dv888 large bearing does the c13 have dings?


What hes saying is that its not going be produced again … Obviously it WAS produce, it had to come from some where…Take a sec to think


Well that was from a while ago, but if you look at what he said…

then my answer makes sense.


Not really, but if it will make you sleep better tonight then i guess in way.


Sorry to sound like a know-it-all or whatever, but explain what you think on this. (Just a friendly debate. This should be fun.)


well your talking pretense (before, in the past) and hes talking, post-tense? (i think thats there right phrase lol) all i was getting at was that you made a very OBVIOUS comment which held no meaning, but to your own means. …ok let me break this down from what im geting, your saying that it has been produced before …NAH REALLY I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT, MAYBE IT JUST MATERIALIZED. …ya see…i think the problem is that i dont like you (not saying your a bad person, i dont really know you) but in most of the threads i read i see you a supposed “forum expert” someone thats suppose to help people but most of the time i see comments that are obvious and unnecessary. that probably make the person feel belittled. (takes in deep breath)lol … (no offense just a friendly debate)


I didn’t think too many of my comments are obvious but thanks for letting me know. The eXperts really aren’t too special to be honest.


yeah, i have a bunch of friends that are like, OMG IM GANA STAY ON THE FORUMS ALL THE TIME AND BECOME A FORUM EXPERT. but then i ask them “ok then what?” and they reply oh ill help people…as i sigh i tell him that you can do that with out being an expert


Haha exactly. It’s more of just a title saying that you tend to be good at helping people.

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