birmingham alabama club

Been trying for a while to get interest in forming a yoyo club in my area (bhm al). What im going to do is tty to get it involvwd too in th local autism chapter. Please if anyone is interested or know people from my area …can you guys plug it for me
First 12 members will recieve a new starter thow
Thanks guys

I work in birmingham

Hey cool… know anyone else that likes to throw or how to gwt some sort of club going

Me and one of the guys I work with yoyo a lot u can come by cloud nine southside and talk to Chris (thats me) or Matt. I know Trent Knighton lives in trussville i think that’s not too far off he’s really good.

idk of a venue that would hold a club for free though

Hey guys! I live in the Oxford area and would love to be in a club. If you don’t know, Oxford is about 1 hour from Bham. I’m also somewhat popular on YouTube (About 450 subs) and could put out a video to spread the word!

Hey, this is Trent. I’m up for this if y’all still wanna do it. We could just have a meet in a park or something.

Sorry for the late response. If anyone still wants to get together email me at rjas68@gmail.Com or add me on facebook …Name is rich yo scales

What is your YouTube channel

I’m from up in northern AL, so I don’t know if I could be part of that.

I live in mobile but depending on how often you guys meet I may can come every meet