Central ALABAMA CLUB people needed...all ages, all skill levels

I started a thread on this a few months back…but things came up …you know how it goes. anyway im a mature gamer…yea over 40 , play xbox, love to throw, tons of fun…and I WILL make you laugh.
I now have a place that can be used as a yoyo meet club…I have a pa, lighting, you name it so even competitions aren’t out of the question…but im jumping the gun.
its at a very nice pool house…big deck, big pool, bigish house huge yard, great place…wont cost you anything. to start will just see how any we can get to hang out…play some videos trick dvds maybe…teach one another …which is the best part:) its all fun so theres no such thing as being too good or not good enough, we all have fun and help one aother. would be really awesome to get this going
it will be definately kicking off next year…would like 10 people or more to start…its going to be in alabaster AL.
this community is fantastic…lets not mis out on this opportunity
I set up a facebook page called Alabama yoyo club (Montevallo)
please anyone interested email me at fring3sci3nc3@gmail.com my name is rich
thanks to all in advance
really want to get this going next year as soon as poss.

Rich Scales

I would be for this. How often would you plan on having this

sorry the reply took so long…been remodeling:)
to start im hoping one 0r 2 a week and take It from there…im totally no expert…so that’s why I want people who just throw for fun:) I though if we could get at least a half dozn people we could set a meet then sort out a place for practice:) im in Montevallo…how bout you…could you get a couple more up for this?
email me at rjas68@gmail.com

sorry it took so long to reply…hope you get this


i have an Alabama yoyo fb page Alabama yoyo Montevallo…also my own personal page is rich yo scales
please add me and we can get on this:)

i really want this to lead to something…but its absolutely about fun…all ages…male, female, even your dog:)
i know there are people in central Alabama that could really have fun with this

cmon guys