Birdhouse Mia to NYC(Lots of fun!)

Ok sooo Its the last weekend of summer and I logged onto youtube at work during my “Bathroom break” and I noticed on yoyofactorys channel they uploaded what seemed to be unimaginable. A tour with the best of both worlds Skateboarding and YOYOS! It’s the 2011Birdhouse Mia to NYC tour. I finally got a chance to interact with the community in person. Ben, Paul, Ann, Seth, and Alex are all really great and friendly people and spent the afternoon introducing yoyoing to everyone kids and adults even with the oven like weather lol. I highly reccomend You the reader check the dates and see if there stopping by anywhere near you and get in on the fun!

Heres a video from yoyo from the channel: Yoyofactoryvideo

And here are some Photos of me and the gang :]